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Contemporary decorations all in colors and transparency signed Nadia Barbotin.

Washable Textile wallpaper 270g matte - anti-scratch and anti-reflective without PVC to glue - Latex inks without solvent and without VOC - Fire classification M1 - French manufacturing

Dimensions : Lg 250 x Ht 250 cm in 2 strips of 125 cm

2 cm overlap between each strip for double cut

Our wallpapers can be manufactured according to your dimensions and your colors. Please contact us by email at contact@acte-deco.fr


Creative decoration that
respectful of the environment.


Green Deco, our
environmental approach


French manufacturing
with care and quality


Original and
collaborative creations

------------------------------- DESCRIPTION ----------------------------

Washable 270g matte fabric - PVC-free anti-scratch and anti-reflective, for gluing

Latex inks, solvent-free and VOC-free.

M1 fire classification.

------------------------------- PROPERTIES -----------------------------

Smooth matte appearance (calendered).

Excellent color rendering.

Excellent dimensional stability.

Masks minor wall imperfections, simplifying wall preparation.

Good resistance to tearing during installation.

Easy to install.

Can be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water

------------------------------- APPLICATIONS ---------------------------

Simple installation with wall gluing

Materials: special non-woven glue, tamping brush, cutter, ruler and sponge - No wallpapering table required

Make sure wall is clean, dry, smooth and dust-free

Draw a vertical line and lay the first strip, making sure it's plumb

Glue the entire wall and lay your first strip without gluing it

Press down from the middle, removing any air bubbles

Lay the following strips, overlapping and joining the previous one

Make a double cut with your ruler in the middle of the overlap

Remove excess thickness and cut off excess at top and bottom

Clean up excess glue with a damp sponge


Selection of environmentally-friendly products

Wallpapers D'où Viens-Tu 3 by Nadia Barbotin - Acte-Deco
Wallpapers D'où Viens-Tu 3 by Nadia Barbotin - Acte-Deco
Wallpapers D'où Viens-Tu 3 by Nadia Barbotin - Acte-Deco
Wallpapers D'où Viens-Tu 3 by Nadia Barbotin - Acte-Deco

Data sheet

Black and white
Living room

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Wallpaper installation instructi

Wallpaper installation instructions

Download (4.2MB)

Data sheet - Premium

Washable matte non-glare textile wallpaper 270g without PVC to glue

Download (1.65MB)

Technical file - Monolé

Washable matte non-glare textile wallpaper 270g PVC free to glue - seamless

Download (1.65MB)

Technical data - Standard 150g

150g PVC-free non-woven wallpaper, cleanable, glueable

Download (3.93MB)

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