Panoramic wallpaper watercolour sky


With its watercolor tones, this panoramic wallpaper brings a touch of escape and depth to your interior. By Noëmie Krey

Non-woven wallpaper, cleanable, smooth, matte, 150g, PVC-free, glueable, OEKO-TEX certified - Latex inks solvent-free and VOC-free - Made in France.

Edge-to-edge for easy installation.

Green Deco products PVC-free, VOC-free and solvent-free Learn more

Choice of sizes:

  • 150 x 250 in 2 strips of 75 cm
  • 225 x 250 in 3 strips of 75 cm
  • 300 x 250 in 4 strips of 75 cm
  • 375 x 250 in 5 strips of 75 cm

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The standard height of our wallpapers is 250cm For a made-to-measure wallpaper, customize your dimensions below
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Creative decoration that
respectful of the environment.


Green Deco, our
environmental approach


French manufacturing
with care and quality


Original and
collaborative creations


PVC-free non-woven wallpaper 150g OEKO-TEX certified. Solvent-free, VOC-free latex inks.

Made in France:

On receipt of your order, our workshop manufactures the strips that will make up your panoramic décor.

Each order is created locally, in Pays de la Loire, with the greatest care.


  • Smooth matte appearance (calendered).
  • Excellent color rendition.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • Masks minor wall imperfections, simplifying wall preparation.
  • Good resistance to tearing during installation.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be cleaned with a light sponge and soapy water.


Simple installation with wall gluing

Materials: special non-woven glue, tamping brush, cutter, ruler and sponge - No wallpapering table required

Make sure wall is clean, dry, smooth and dust-free

Draw a vertical line and lay the first strip, making sure it's plumb

Glue the entire wall and lay your first strip without gluing it

Press down from the middle, removing any air bubbles

Lay the following strips, joining them edge to edge

Cut off excess at top and bottom

Clean excess glue with a damp sponge


Carefully check colors, defects and joints.

Unfold the strips, laying them gently on the floor and checking that the joints match along the entire height and edge of the strips.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us. We cannot be held responsible if the wallpaper is laid or if the installation instructions are not followed.

Green Deco products are PVC-, VOC- and solvent-free - Find out more

Wallpaper installation guide


Data sheet

Living room

Specific References

handler_horizontal handler_vertical
xx cm
xx cm

Enter your dimensions

minimum 1 m²
700 max cm
400 max cm
TTC (which varies according to the dimensions entered)
minimum 1 m²
60 TTC / m²

Make your own custom-made decoration by following these instructions: Indicate your dimensions by adding a safety margin of 5 cm on the width and height, Crop your decoration as you wish. The selected image corresponds exactly to the delivered decor. Width of the strips: each decoration is delivered in equal strips of 85 cm maximum. If you wish another color than the model presented, contact us.

contact us at (+33) (0)2 51 44 95 32
Echantillon image
Panoramic wallpaper watercolour sky

Quantity : 1

Reference 75-NK17

Order your A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) wallpaper sample ldelivered directly to your letterbox.

Non-woven wallpaper, washable, smooth, matte, 150g, PVC-free, glue-on, OEKO-TEX certified - Latex inks solvent-free and VOC-free - French manufacture

Delivery time (may vary according to period): approx. 7 to 10 days

For Premium quality samples (270g textile), please contact us by e-mail.

/!\ As this is a simple letter and not a parcel, please do not select a delivery to a "point relais" - which would refuse receipt /!\

5.00 TTC


Order a simulation by sending us a photo of your interior.

With our simulation service, you'll be able to visualize the decor you want to order. This way, you can better understand the result and imagine this decor in your interior.

It's very simple and can be done in 3 steps. Take your photo in JPEG or PNG format and upload it following the instructions. You will receive the simulation within 72 hours maximum. The photo size should be maximum 5MB. For better results, prefer a photo with adequate brightness and sharpness.

1/ Take a photo of your wall

2/ Upload your photo (button at the bottom of the page)

3/ Receive your photo with the integration of the decor (within 72 hours maximum)

This way, you can visualize the final result of the decor in your interior.

If necessary, you can contact us directly by email at

or by phone at 02 51 44 95 32.

The image has been successfully imported


Wallpaper installation instructi

Wallpaper installation instructions

Download (4.2MB)

Data sheet - Premium

Washable matte non-glare textile wallpaper 270g without PVC to glue

Download (1.65MB)

Technical file - Monolé

Washable matte non-glare textile wallpaper 270g PVC free to glue - seamless

Download (1.65MB)

Technical data - Standard 150g

150g PVC-free non-woven wallpaper, cleanable, glueable

Download (3.93MB)

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