Séverine Dietrich expresses his creativity by transforming landscapes

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Séverine Dietrich expresses his creativity by transforming landscapes

Séverine Dietrich, with her unique canvas, muralist expresses creativity and transforms landscapes.

When it comes to creating a wall fresco focused on shapes geometric with committed color choices, several elements can contribute to a captivating component. Séverine's suggestions carefully express the complex, balanced geometric composition (lines, circles, triangles and squares). Color reveals light to give depth to the composition fresco. Think about the emotional impact of colors and how they interact with each other.


Visit panoramic wallpaper Rives evokes a coastal landscape shaped by sunlight and the blue or pink of the sky for a setting with strong visual impact.

Visit panoramic wallpaper Hills, with its round shapes and soft tones, it brings fullness and softness.
Visit panoramic Falaise wallpaper downstream gives a real depth of field and can really make a room larger.
Panoramic setting White glacier the angular shapes of mountain massifs and faceted peaks give us a sense of height and a colorful view of life.


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