Noêmie Krey-Serenity at the heart of interior design.

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Noêmie Krey-Serenity at the heart of interior design.

The "Elements" panoramic wallpaper series, created by Noëmie Krey, represents an important step in her artistic career.

This collection perfectly reflects its universe, harmoniously combining volume and finesse, as well as transparency and intensity of colour.

Originally from the South of France, Noëmie is a French painter and illustrator who adopts a minimalist approach to shapes and colours. Her primary aim is to create works and illustrations imbued with softness and lightness, whether in the field of abstract or figurative art.

Papier peint panoramique Lame des flots

Drawing, painting and all forms of artistic expression have been part of her life since childhood. After studying literature and communications, and working in advertising and photography, Noëmie gradually devoted all her time to art and creativity.

papier peint panoramique Nébuleuse marine

She draws her inspiration mainly from nature and light, expressing her art through techniques such as watercolour, acrylic and drawing, often favouring a minimalist, uncluttered style.

Papier peint Panoramique Ciel fumé-

Discover our new panoramic wallpaper collection.

Immerse yourself in striking landscapes where the forces of nature combine in captivating visual harmony. Each pattern transports you to breathtaking settings, capturing the grandeur of the four primordial elements. From majestic waterfalls to endless deserts, starry skies to erupting volcanoes, each panorama offers a unique sensory escape. Transform your home into a temple where nature expresses itself in majesty.

Papier peint panoramique Vibration

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