Customize your floor with Gerflor My Taralay

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Customize your floor with Gerflor My Taralay

Customize your floor. The only limit is your imagination!

Are you looking for an original, eco-friendly way to decorate your floor? Discover our 100% recyclable Gerflor customized floor coverings, made in France.

Gerflor guarantees a long-lasting, durable solution.

Only on quotation - Minimum surface area 50 m²

More information

Design :

  • Create your floor covering with your own design or leave the creation to us
  • Print-ready files (pdf, svg, ai, jpg formats - quality 100dpi scale 1 - max. size 100 MB)
  • Ultra-matt protective varnish for an even more realistic look
  • Easy to combine with wall coverings and window films

Product :

  • Protecsol² surface treatment: the ultimate in stain resistance
  • Glass mat for dimensional stability
  • High density to reduce rolling resistance by 15%
  • Installation and maintenance:
  • Protecsol²: strong barrier to stains, making maintenance easier and more economical, reducing costs by 25%
  • Water-repellent effect prevents stains such as eosin/ betadine from becoming embedded
  • Flexible product: easy to cut and install
  • Compatible with Clean Corner System: long-lasting waterproofing


  • Ideal for all high-traffic applications: hospitals, retirement homes, education, administrations and offices...
  • Barrier against staining products such as eosin/ betadine: ideal for the healthcare and education sectors
  • Easy to weld and compatible with the Clean Corner System: perfect for areas where sealing is a must
  • Excellent antiviral and antibacterial properties: suitable for healthcare applications


  • TVOC after 28 days < 10 micrograms/m3: very good indoor air quality

100% recyclableManufactured in France: reduced transport CO2 footprint100% ReaCh-compliant, formaldehyde-free, phthalate-free: health and safetyInstallation tutorial


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