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Want a special and tailored to the desires of your child home decor.
Acte Deco offers different themes sticker and other wall coverings that will adorn the walls, the doors of his room ...
Girl or boy, give free rein to your imagination!

  • Fairies and Princess

    Cheers fairies and princess! These stickers, wallpapers, painting board beautify the walls of the room of all the little girls who love to imagine with extraordinary powers!

  • Pirates

    All aboard! Your little boy or your little girl love stories of pirates and treasure ... 
    Do not hesitate pirates stickers are perfect for creating a decorative universe is his imagination! 

    Several scenes are available to you to create the look that best matches the walls of his room!

  • Super Heroes

    Your child likes to take a Super Heroes. These wall stickers of this theme will make ideal decor elements to tell the best stories!

  • Countryside

    Hunting butterflies in the savannah ... acte-deco selected you different adhesive decorations for all children of nature. Easily positioned, they bring a unique touch decor!

  • In the air

    Children's room decoration on the theme of traveling in the air

  • Knights

    Once upon a time .. a castle, a king, a princess, but most valiant and brave knights! 
    Create a special decoration in the bedroom of your child to have fun telling stories ...

  • Cowboys and Indians

    Your child loves to dress up and sing like an indian while his boyfriend runs after him cowboy. This collection on the western theme please all your young adventurers from the west ! Imagine and create a unique and colorful decor in his bedroom!

  • The Circus

    These stickers illustrate the theme of the circus. you to create a unique setting for your little girl or boy! The juggler, the acrobat through the animal parade ... everything is there to make for a fantasy circus acrobats!

  • Seamen

    Children's room decoration on the theme of the sea 

  • Jungle

    The jungle invades the room of your children. They will be able to have fun and create stories around their favorite animals. These frescoes are fully customizable according to the dimensions of your wall. All animals can be moved, deleted to create a unique decor.

  • Imaginary travels

    Wall stickers, printed paintings and panoramic wallpapers for children's room decoration