copy of Window film Perfect gradient mist

"Glass Deco window film" decorative film covers all glass spaces, both in the house and in the Business premises

1/ Choose the size of your roll (Gradient over height):

  • F : Lg 122 x Ht 320 cm
  • G : Lg 152 x Ht 320 cm
  • H : Lg 182 x Ht 320 cm

2/ Choose your color: white, grey or black

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Glass Deco decorative films cover all glass surfaces, both in the home and in the office: verandas, bay windows, windows, showers, storefronts, office separation, waiting rooms, lobby...

They are customizable, easy to install and clean.

Background color:

- Frosted effect film to create an area of privacy

- Transparent film for an elegant and chic dressing

Video: installation with soapy water

Pose de films pour vitrage

Glass Deco 91