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Headboard wallpaper by ACTE DECO

Want to add perspective and depth to your bedroom? Then headboard wallpaper is the solution for you! By enlarging the room, it enhances your decor with its high-definition printed patterned texture. What's more, at ACTE DECO we offer a vast choice of possibilities to suit every style. Customizable and easy to hang, here's why you should choose this panoramic wallpaper!

What are the advantages of headboard wallpaper?

In the bedroom, headboard wallpaper delimits space while enlarging the room. Immediately, it enhances your decor with a touch of style that's just like you. All you have to do online is choose the design you like, available in a range of colors that you can customize yourself!

Headboard wallpaper to enlarge the room

With headboard wallpaper, you can add a neat decorative touch to your bedroom. What's more, it adds maximum depth to the room and immediately highlights your bedding. As it structures the space, you can easily play with trompe-l'œil prints to make the bedroom seem even bigger. In ACTE DECO's online boutique, you'll find plenty of patterns to change the atmosphere at the click of a button. Sometimes jungle for an ethnic feel, sometimes floral for maximum softness, this panoramic wallpaper will make you want to escape with its multiple landscapes that invite relaxation.

Customizable headboard wallpaper

What's more, at ACTE DECO, headboard wallpaper can be customized! You can vary the color and pattern by cropping or reversing the image. In terms of dimensions, you can also choose the number of strips you need in sizes M, L or XL. With this trick, you can easily frame the edges of your bedding to highlight that side of the room. Need a made-to-measure solution? Turn to our free configurator, which lets you customize the dimensions of your printed wallpaper. In short, it's a solution that adapts to every desire and every space constraint, for the ultimate in decoration!

Easy-to-install headboard wallpaper

ACTE DECO's headboard wallpaper is made from cellulose and polyester fibers bonded with PVC-free acrylic. The result? It easily masks small imperfections on the wall. So you won't need to call in a professional, saving you the cost of labor. What's more, its texture offers excellent resistance to tearing during installation. All you have to do to install it is glue it to the wall before fixing it in place. If you need guidance in the right gestures, you'll find a video tutorial directly online. What about maintenance? Your headboard wallpaper is easy to clean with a light sponge and soapy water.

Why choose ACTE DECO headboard wallpaper?

At ACTE DECO, you can personalize your headboard wallpaper to suit your every whim! Directly online, you can vary the colors on certain models, the size and the decor. What's more, our service team is always available by phone to help you with your purchase. Made in France, our products are designed with the environment in mind. Created without solvents, VOCs or PVCs, our entire collection respects the environment by limiting the proliferation of toxic particles. What's more, high quality latex printing lets you enjoy a high-definition image for maximum luminosity!