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Give yourself a touch of originality with parrot wallpaper

You're looking for a more colorful and exotic decorating scheme. Why not adopt the latest trend in interior design: jungle-colored wallpaper featuring parrots. Let yourself be tempted by this little adventure and transform your interior into a tropical forest with our beautiful selection of designer wallpapers.

The parrot: a symbol

Every year has its animal trend. And if there's one animal that stands up to the effects of fashion, it's the parrot. In most cultures, the parrot is a symbol of freedom and longevity (some specimens can live up to 80 years). When it comes to decorating, what we love about the parrot is the variety of colors found in its plumage. In your child's bedroom, parrot wallpaper will give him or her a little extra companion in addition to their cuddly toys. For children's bedrooms, our Jungle and Jungle couleur designs feature parrots and many other animals to occupy your child's mind. In a living room or office, the parrot will add a touch of dynamism to the room. Our parrot wallpaper designs are available in a range of sizes, and some can be customized in color.

How to choose your panoramic wallpaper?

You've fallen under the spell of one of our parrot wallpaper designs and would like to incorporate it into your home decor. Here are a few tips on how to place your order. Start by measuring your wall. If it's not quite square or rectangular, measure the maximum length and width. As mentioned above, our panoramic wallpapers are available in a range of sizes. In the product photos, you'll find an image that tells you which part of the motif corresponds to each size. For a designer effect, you can opt for size M, which will only cover part of your wall. For total immersion and a truly atmospheric setting, opt for the panoramic version, which will cover your entire wall.

My wall is bigger than the standard format: what can I do?

You want to order your panoramic wallpaper in XXL format, but when you took the measurements you realized that your wall was much larger than our largest format. No need to panic! Our teams can print your wallpaper to size. Just click on "Customize dimensions" and enter your own dimensions. You can also customize the direction of the design, the paper quality and the colors on certain models. For further information or more complete customization, don't hesitate to contact us via the "contact" section.

Is it possible to test wallpapers before buying them?

Before choosing wallpaper, it's natural to want to test a sample to check how it will look in your home, or even to compare several samples. On each of our product sheets, you'll find an "order a sample" tab. For €5, we'll send you an A4 sample.

Can Acte-Deco wallpapers be installed in a child's bedroom?

Acte-Deco is as committed to its customers' health as it is to respecting the environment. Not only are our latex ink-based printing techniques guaranteed to be long-lasting, i.e. free of VOCs and solvents, but we also take care to reduce our ecological impact by producing in our workshops in France and recycling our waste. If you've fallen in love with the Jungle model for your child's bedroom, you'll be able to install it in complete safety. What's more, it's washable! So there's no need to worry about felt-tip marks.