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Travel with our selection of ethnic-style wallpapers.....

You're in the mood for an interior design that invites you to travel and showcases tribal culture. Browse our selection of high-end, panoramic ethnic wallpapers. Immerse yourself in another universe, explore cultures and escape to the room of your choice.

Extend your journey to the roots with ethnic style

In our selection of trendy designer wallpapers, we've also thought of ethnic style fans. This type of decoration invites travel and open-mindedness, and brings a great deal of serenity to a room. There are three types of wallpaper to choose from to enhance your ethnic decor. First, you can opt for landscape patterns like our Dunes panoramic wallpaper. You'll find yourself literally projected into the Sahara desert. If it's the "root's" side you want to bring out, we can only recommend the "ethnic" panoramic wallpaper and its tribal motifs. Finally, for a more adventurous mood, opt for a more plant-based motif, such as a rainforest. Our ethnic wallpaper designs are available in a range of sizes and colors, so you can personalize your decor even further. For total immersion, order our panoramic formats.

Are Acte-Deco wallpapers resistant?

All the wallpaper models you'll find on our site are non-woven wallpapers based on cellulose and polyester fibers bonded with PVC-free acrylic. Not only do they offer excellent resistance to handling and installation, they are also washable for easy maintenance and longevity. To clean your wallpaper, use a soft, non-abrasive sponge and mild soap and water.

How do I contactActe-Deco customer service?

You need information on one of our products or you would like to obtain one of our custom wallpaper models. Don't hesitate to contact our team, who will be delighted to give you all the information you need. To do so, go to the "contact" section, which you can access from the menu bar of this site. You'll find our address, our switchboard telephone number and a contact form.

How do I order my ethnic wallpaper?

You've found the ethnic wallpaper you're looking for. Go to the product sheet to personalize your order. Some of our wallpapers are available in different sizes and colors. If your wall doesn't match the dimensions of the paper, or if you'd like to place a special order, go to the custom wallpaper section and, once you've selected the wallpaper you like, click on "customize dimensions" to enter the height and width you'd like, the direction of the motif, the color you'd like and the quality of the wallpaper. For further customization, please contact us. If you'd like to try out our wallpapers, feel free to order an A4 size sample.

Where are Acte-Déco wallpapers made?

All the wallpapers you'll find on this site, like our ethnic-style models, are made in our workshops in France. They are eco-designed, with no VOCs or solvents, and are printed with UV or water-based latex. Acte-Deco is committed to protecting your health and that of your children, and is also committed to preserving the environment by sorting and recycling waste.