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Shady, light or as pronounced as a tropical jungle, leaf wallpaper is ideal for embellishing your interior. Its varied patterns help you to sublimate your decor while contributing to the atmosphere you want to achieve. Find out more about how to use it in every situation.

Foil wallpaper in your living room

Foil wallpaper is a great alternative for decorating your living room. Whether you choose a clean or busy pattern, it will help you visualize the space at a glance. To create a cocooning atmosphere, we recommend selecting shades a little darker than the rest of your decor. The Douceur Végétale blue leaf wallpaper is a perfect example of this.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a feeling of openness and depth, you should turn to Khali wallpaper. It depicts flowers with only their outlines on a perfectly white background. It adds a touch of luminosity to your living room. The flowers, placed in the foreground, contribute to your decor.

Leaf wallpaper for your bedroom

In a bedroom, the objectives are broadly similar. Abstract branch 05 leaf wallpaper will frame your bed and contribute to the visual creation of a natural headboard. Its golden-yellow leafy branches on a white background will add warmth and light to your ambience. Ideal for rooms with light-colored furnishings, this wallpaper goes wonderfully well with warm-toned bed linen.

Ombres Bambous leaf wallpaper is available in 3 different shades. In gray, it offers a light veil to your wall. This vaporous atmosphere is ideal for relaxing. In green, it's an invitation to relax. The golden hue of the third model will complement any decor.

Which leaf wallpaper for an office?

Do you have a workspace in your home and want it to be as pleasant as the rest of your interior? Sheet wallpaper can meet your expectations. If this space is located in a multi-purpose room, it's best to choose a wallpaper that allows you to delimit your work area. Tropical Lines and Anglais are ideal for this purpose. To help you concentrate, a leaf wallpaper with an open feel is just the thing. You can opt for patterns similar to Terres Oubliées or L'envol des colibris.

Choosing the right leaf wallpaper for a child's bedroom

In your child's bedroom, it's all about color and brightness. Lovers of exotic animals will particularly appreciate Jungle couleurs V2. As for the Jungle folle leaf wallpaper, it's perfect for a cheerful, colorful atmosphere full of vitality. Does your teenager dream of escapism and travel? Offer her the panoramic Savannah View or Palm Trees leaf wallpaper. It's available in a range of colors to match your current bedroom decor.

Tailor-made for your wallpaper

We offer up to five different sizes for each wallpaper model. These cover a wall length of between 250 cm and 510 cm, with a height of 250 cm in each case. If the wall on which you'd like to place your wallpaper doesn't match these measurements, or if you're worried about losing too much paper, don't hesitate to contact us. In fact, we also offer a made-to-measure system for sheet wallpaper with a pattern that perfectly matches your wall.