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....Geometric wallpaper at ACTE DECO

With its asymmetrical lines and graphic patterns, geometric wallpaper certainly doesn't go unnoticed! Often appreciated for its modern or Scandinavian style, it adapts to most interiors, bringing a touch of aestheticism to decorating. What's more, at ACTE DECO, this panoramic wallpaper is available in a multitude of colors, with the option of refining the decor to suit your desires. Do you need special dimensions? Don't hesitate to opt for made-to-measure with a simple click! In short, here's what's waiting for you in our online store.

What are the advantages of geometric wallpaper?

Sometimes graphic, sometimes designer, geometric wallpaper brings a touch of originality to your decor! Directly from our online boutique, you can choose it according to your style, whether for a modern, contemporary or Scandinavian interior.

Geometric wallpaper for a multitude of styles

To add a touch of modernity to your interior, geometric wallpaper is perfect! In our online store, you'll love the Copieuse nature or Cercle vaillant designs by The Feebles. Do you prefer Scandinavian decor? Then you'll love the Geometric panoramic wallpaper and its sublime blue colors. In a living room, kitchen or bedroom, its contrasting style adds a 100% Nordic touch for a soft, warm atmosphere. Finally, if you'd like to transform your walls into a real painting, then turn to the Végétal panoramic wallpaper by designer Elisabeth Pesé. With its ethnic feel, you'll be able to customize its decor to suit your exact taste.

Easy-to-install geometric wallpaper

At ACTE-DECO, our geometric wallpaper is designed to be easy to hang. With its texture based on cellulose and polyester fibers bonded with PVC-free acrylic, it is perfectly resistant to tearing during installation. What's more, you won't need to smooth the wall by masking imperfections, since it adapts perfectly to small irregularities. To install it, all you need to do is glue the backing, so you don't have to invest in a wallpapering table. Need a guide to the right gestures? You'll find an online video tutorial to help you with installation. Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned, your geometric wallpaper guarantees maximum longevity and can be cleaned simply with a light sponge and soapy water. So you can easily install it in the kitchen to bring maximum perspective and depth to the room!

Why choose ACTE-DECO wallpaper?

At ACTE-DECO, geometric wallpaper adapts to every desire and every need! Thanks to our online configurator, you can customize its format and framing. What's more, we offer a range of sizes from 270 cm to 425 cm wide. Want more? You can also customize your dimensions! For a large surface area in the living room, hallway, restaurant or office, it's the perfect solution that adapts to all constraints.

Made in France, our geometric wallpaper is eco-designed. PVC- and VOC-free, it is printed in UV or water-based latex. This is what gives it its high level of finish and exceptional luminous intensity. Inside, it ensures a perfectly healthy environment, with no risk of toxic particles. And delivery takes just 5 to 7 days. In short, all you have to do is fall in love, and decorate your entire interior with a touch of originality!