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Treat yourself to trendy wallpaper in shades of purple ....

You're looking for a color that's both original and on-trend for the decoration of your house or apartment. Why not opt for wallpaper with a dominant violet hue? In our selection, you'll see that purple goes well with many decorative styles, from the most traditional to the most abstract.

Purple: an ultra-trendy color

Every year, when it comes to decorating, designers tend to bring out a particular color. While the vintage and Scandinavian trends have given pride of place to mustard yellow, khaki brown and duck blue, this year it's purple that predominates. Purple comes in many shades. It can be combined with pink to bring cheerfulness, or with blue to bring serenity and confidence. Feng Shui enthusiasts use violet as a color closely associated with the intellect and spirituality. For the Yang side, bright, dark purple is used. For the Yin side, use pastel violet. In our selection, you'll find wallpapers in shades of violet that go perfectly with modern, urban decor, or a more classic, floral style.

How to choose the right purple wallpaper?

Choosing your purple wallpaper is simple. To begin with, it's essential to measure the wall(s) to be covered. Measure the height and width of your wall support. Then simply browse the pages of our site and select the models you like best. Check that the colors and patterns match your room's decor. Some wallpaper styles are more suited to certain types of room than others. For bedroom decoration, we recommend Bouquet d'été. For a shabby chic living room, opt for Night Pheasant. All you have to do is choose from the available sizes. If you're not sure of the result, you can order an A4 paper sample for 5 euros. If you have any further questions, or would like to receive a quote for a made-to-measure project, please do not hesitate to contact our team by clicking on "contact" in the menu bar. You'll find our address, telephone number and a quick contact form.

Are Acte-Deco wallpapers healthy?

Acte-Deco has made a number of commitments to ensure the well-being of its customers and to limit its impact on the environment. To begin with, all the wallpapers you'll find on the site are eco-designed:

  • All products presented on the Acte-Deco website are manufactured in our workshops in France
  • Wallpapers are UV or water-based latex printed
  • They contain no volatile organic compounds
  • The inks we use contain no solvents
  • We are committed to waste management

Our wallpapers are safe for the environment and human health. They represent no danger inside your home, especially in children's bedrooms.

How do I care for my purple wallpaper?

The advantage of all the top-of-the-range wallpaper models we offer is their strength and waterproofing. Not only are they highly resistant to tearing during handling and hanging, but the surfaces are also easy to clean. To remove a stain, simply rub the paper lightly with a soft sponge and soapy water.