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White wallpaper: brighten up your interior with ease!

White wallpaper is perfect for bringing light and brightness to your interior. In a bedroom, an office or even a living room or hallway, this indispensable ally to your decor will find its place. However, we're not talking about classic plain white wallpaper. Find out more about modern wallpaper to enhance your walls.

Why choose white wallpaper?

Would you like to visually enlarge or brighten up one of your rooms? White wallpaper is just the thing. But please note that we're not talking about classic, plain wallpaper. White wallpaper is modernized and adorned with light, colorful patterns that dress up your wall.

Placed on a section of wall, it will enhance your headboard, sofa or children's play area. On the whole wall, it will complement your decor while accentuating the brightness of the room.

Which pattern to choose for your white wallpaper?

To dress up your wall, we offer a range of patterns for white wallpaper. While some of our patterns are placed on the lower part of the wall to leave the upper part luminous, others, on the contrary, are oriented downwards to visually reduce ceiling height. Still others meet to leave a blank space between the two frescoes.

Among the models available, Plumes 01 and Blurry pink are ideal for one wall section. The pattern is continuous, but light enough to keep the interest of the white wallpaper.

More focused on contrasts between white, black and grey, Poppies and Fairies, Foliage and Khali offer you the structured look of a clearly marked pattern and the luminosity of white, which remains omnipresent. You should therefore choose your wallpaper according to your objectives and the benefits it can offer your decor and your room.

How do you choose your wallpaper format?

We offer you up to 5 sizes of white wallpaper, depending on which model you prefer. If you choose size M, you'll receive 2 strips of 85 cm for a wall 170 cm long and 250 cm high. Size L, on the other hand, is 255 cm long and 250 cm high, and will be delivered in 3 strips of 85 cm. 4 strips of 85 cm will be needed for size XL, 340 cm long and 250 cm high. The XXL format will cover a wall 425 cm long and 250 cm high in 5 strips of 85 cm. The largest format offered is 3XL. This represents a length of 510 cm and a height of 250 cm, which you'll receive in 6 strips of 85 cm.

If these measurements don't match your walls, or if you need more precision, we also offer a made-to-measure service. All you need to do is tell us the exact measurements of your wall, and we'll make them available to you.

Quick and easy installation

Our white wallpapers are mainly non-woven, so you can enjoy your new decor quickly. This means you don't need a wallpapering table. All you need is glue, a gluing brush, a taping brush and a cutter. Once you've glued your wall, simply place the roll of white wallpaper at the top of your wall, then slide it down to the floor, pressing it down with the wallpapering brush. Then cut the bottom of the wall with the cutter and repeat the operation.