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Design wallpaper at ACTE DECO

With design wallpaper, you can redecorate your walls with maximum style! Sometimes minimalist, sometimes contemporary, sometimes art deco, all our models are designed to suit every taste. What's more, you can personalize your décor with a simple click, choosing the image orientation and colors. Available in standard or custom versions, it also adapts to any space constraints by customizing its dimensions. In short, here's why you should choose this panoramic wallpaper like no other from ACTE DECO!

What are the advantages of designer wallpaper?

With designer wallpaper, you create a surprise! Contemporary and graphic at the same time, it redecorates your interior with style, bringing maximum depth to the room. What's more, ACTE DECO's panoramic wallpaper is washable and easy to hang. In short, its many advantages are just a click away!

Design wallpaper for maximum style

At ACTE DECO, design wallpaper is printed with latex inks for maximum detail. The result? You opt for a breathtaking decor that brings maximum luminosity to the interior. Both modern and contemporary, the entire Wall Déco collection is designed to suit every taste. Sometimes colorful, sometimes graphic, you can opt for Color gradient panoramic wallpaper to dress your walls with maximum class and panache. What's more, you can personalize the decor by cropping or reversing the direction of the image.

Design wallpaper for all surfaces

What's more, designer wallpaper adapts to any space constraints to bring a contemporary touch to your walls. Available in a range of sizes, some models are 170 cm wide, while an XL version can be up to 510 cm. If you need to decorate the interior of your restaurant or office, this is the perfect solution! What's more, you can also go for a made-to-measure panoramic wallpaper by customizing its dimensions. All you have to do is enter your measurements directly online to create a decor that reflects your image and adapts to any space constraints!

Easy-to-install designer wallpaper

Finally, the other advantage of designer wallpaper is certainly its ease of installation. At ACTE DECO, all our models are non-woven, so you don't have to use a wallpapering table. By simply gluing the wall, you can arrange your strips as you wish to achieve the desired result. What's more, its high-quality texture prevents tearing during installation. Directly online, you'll find an explanatory video tutorial to guide you through the right gestures. With this option, you don't need to call in a professional, which saves you the cost of labor!

Why choose design wallpaper from ACTE DECO?

At ACTE DECO, our designer wallpaper is made in France. Created directly in our workshops by our creative teams, our collection is designed to suit every style! Modern, contemporary or minimalist, you can even opt for designer wallpaper that transforms into a real work of art on your walls. As for delivery, you'll be able to start decorating in 5 to 7 days!

On the manufacturing side, the textile remains washable and will be anti-reflective. So you can count on maximum longevity with a decor that's easy to clean every day. What's more, our designer wallpaper is certified solvent-free, VOC-free and PVC-free. Indoors, it guarantees a perfectly healthy environment that's also kind to the planet!