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ACTE-DECO has the will to conceive products respecting the principles of sustainable development.

The use of raw materials and methods of manufacture respectful of the environment is of great importance from the phase of study of a product. This is why, whenever possible, we offer our customers decors that respect our health and the future of our planet.

The absence of residual VOCs contributes to reducing ambient air pollution.

Green Deco - Sélection de produits écologiques

Eco-designed wallpapers

We have selected the Evergreen range of ecological and customizable wallpapers. This Made in France product is a reference in decoration. They are PVC-free, VOC-free and are printed in UV or water-based Latex. To know more about it

Textiles for protective glazing

Squid glazing fabric blocks much of the heat and is therefore an ideal sun protection solution. Squid is resistant to high solar intensity and extreme humidity. As an open and breathable textile, it is compatible with high performance or HR++(+) glass, unlike plastic window films. To know more about it

Biosourced paints

The Baho paint is Biosourced, i.e. a paint composed of water, a resin based on recycled plants (green waste), and mineral colorants. Baho paints respect the ecological standards, ultra-coating, finishing without trace. To know more about it

Solvent-free inks

HP technology with water-based latex inks ensures exceptional image quality, consistency and longevity. HP Latex Inks are UL ECOLOGO, UL GREENGUARD certified and meet AgBB criteria. This ensures compliance with international standards for wallcoverings.

Waste treatment

We work with processing companies that treat and separate all waste from the production of our products.

Our limits

At our scale, some environmental impacts are difficult to measure in the short term. This approach is part of our company's long-term strategy and we are committed to convincing our suppliers to follow it.

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