Presentation :

Acte-deco is willing to design products which respect the fundamentals of sustainable development. The use of raw materials and manufacturing processes which respect the environment is really important from the study shift of a new product. That's why insofar as possible, we propose to our customers a decoration respecting our health and the future of the planet.


Products & technicals :

Wall canvas

Use for the canvas boards and the wall canvas. It's a light textile canvas, it's developed and produced in an eco-conception approach. It's composed by polyester fiber and water coating. It is : without PVC, without phtalate, without formaldehyde, without phosphate, without glycol ether, without carcinogenic and volatile reprotoxics, it doesn’t generate any COV. This product is recyclable : half in a waste reception center, and half can be incinarated. This product is highly fireproof (M1 / Cl1 / NFPA 701 / CSFM /MEA). The environmental benefit of the canvas was validated by a lifecycle analysis (ACV) following to ISO14040-14044 standard. This study consists in analysing the canvas impact all along their life, it means from their conception to their destruction through manufacturing, distribution and use.


Relief decoration:

Exclusively made in France, this know-how contributes to an environmental approach using 100% recyclable priplak PVC as a raw material.


Stickers without PVC :

More respectful for the environment, manufactured with adhesive film without PVC. This adhesive doesn't contain any PVC and the paste used is without solvent. It's an auto adhesive polyolefin film. We propose a paper transfer. The adhesive which is used is a white shiny self adhesive. It's totally adapted to every printing with traditional inks like eco solvent, sweet solvent, real solvent and UV hardening. After a sufficient drying time, the film can be employed for a wet application and without any air bubbles formation, on every smooth surface, inside and outside. This adhesive is scratchproof and water-resistant. This product without tape can’t be damaged outdoors for 12 months period (according to the DIN ISO 4892-3 standard) Can be taken off by heating it and unsticking with care.


Printing :

Our printings are more repectful for the environment. Our printing equipment uses solvent inks and almost odorless. They don't generate any volatile organic compound. This printer uses less energy than classic solvent printer. Equiped by integrated heater, it doesn’t need separate drying system. Thereby, it needs less electricity which is good not only for the company but also for the environement. A collecting and recycling program is proposed by our printing equipment provider. It permits to reject the empty ink cartbridges and to reduce waste. 100% of the collected cartbridges are recycled. We still try to deal with companies which share our philosophy.


Waste treatment :

We actually work with the Veolia company which handle and sort out all the waste due to the manufacturing of our products.


Other recyclable products Dibond :

Use for the aluminium boards. Dibond is a patended product which consists in an assembly of 2 thin aluminium sheets around a compact polyethylen foam. Dibond is recyclable.


Our limits :

To our level, some environmental impacts are not easily measured at short term. This ethical approach is setted up in our company and we are mobilized to convince our providers to follow it. Some of the products can’t be totally recycled but the recycling network sometimes doesn’t exist or are unknown.

We depend on the industrial activity which progresses every day to suggest us new ecological solutions.