Foliage window film

Want to let the light without being seen ... Acte Deco offers adhesive embellishments to dress with elegance all your walls of glass (window, bay window, conservatories, shower ...) 

Here is a useful and graphic sticker: you create your decor! 

Format (Lg x Ht): 118 x 123 cm

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99,00 €

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The Frosted window stickers to dress all your glass surfaces. This deco touches is a discrete solution to your worries overlooked. They can be applied on all glass surfaces. They are made with a frosted translucent adhesive. All models of the Acte-Deco collection can be used to decorate your windows, ceiling, windows, shower ... You will protect you from prying eyes with elegant décor.


Glass decor stickers dress your glass surfaces.This elegant and stylish decoration can also be a way to have more privacy when your house is over-looked by neighbour's properties, or is located on a busy street. They are made with translucent frosted adhesive vinyl. You can use them on your windows anywhere in your house