Window fabrics Squid Ash

SQUID - protect your privacy

The light grey Ash has an industrial feel and looks good in rooms with metal and concrete. Ash complements modern interiors.

Choose your size (L x H):

  • S : 130 x 100 cm
  • M : 130 x 200 cm
  • L : 130 x 300 cm
  • XL : 130 x 400 cm
  • XXL : 130 x 500 cm

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58,80 €

More info

Squid is a self-adhesive transparent fabric for covering windows which allows you to see out, but stops people outside from looking in during the day.

Squid is produced in rolls that are 130cm wide. Please make sure you include 5cm extra overlap on all sides so you have enough material to cut the edges off neatly.

Is 130cm too narrow for your window? See how to position two strips next to each other with hardly any visible joins on our installation page.

Are you wondering if Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash or Rock is the right colour for your interior? Be inspired by our Pinterest moodboard, or order a samples book and try it out for yourself.



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