• 5&Citron


    The designers of studio 5 & Citron offer creations from their own stories.

    Flowers that grow in the garden and that take shape at the same time ... trips to tropical lands with the scent of exotic flowers ... imaginary forests where animals and plants in bright colors intersect ... animals that benefit of the calm of the cities and that we find in an urban parade. All these beautiful stories are displayed on the walls today.

    Discover their universe

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  • Acte-Deco


    Orginal designs by Acte-Deco

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  • Alice Asset

    Alice Asset

    A painter and decorator by training and an active member of the Ateliers d'Arts de France, her areas of intervention extend from the production of wall decorations on private and public sites to the production in the workshop of decorative panels and pieces of furniture.

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  • Anne Cresci

    Anne Cresci

    Discover the unique style of Lyon illustrator Anne Cresci. With its elegant and delicate graphics, its timeless floral creations are available on different media such as indoor and outdoor wallpapers and wall stickers.

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  • Elisabeth Pesé

    Elisabeth Pesé

    Elisabeth Pesé is an illustrator based in Marseille. His illustrations are inspired by small moments of happiness and dreams. After illustrating for posters and postcards, Elisabeth is expanding her field of action by offering wall decorations where plants and landscapes of the south of France are in the spotlight.

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  • Emmanuelle colin

    Emmanuelle colin

    Acte-Deco is pleased to present this new children collection from Emmanuelle Colin. Colourful and original with pencils textures, representing children’s plays from cowboy to indian through pirates and piratas, melodies from Britanny, we all fall for Emmanuelle’s stickers.

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  • La Petite Emi

    La Petite Emi

    La Petite Emi offers original patterns for decorating children's rooms.

    These colorful, playful and graphic wallpapers will find their place perfectly in a girl's or boy's room.

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  • Nadia Barbotin

    Nadia Barbotin

    Passionate about creativity in all its forms, I have met artists from all walks of life who have stimulated my current orientation towards painting and sculpture. I belong also to a family, who is art collector and art amateur.​

    Self-taught until 2014, I have always painted with oil and knives but for 2 years, I am opened up more and more to new techniques and mediums with spalters, shapers, Indian ink, colored inks, acrylic, mixing them to give more strength, transparency to my artworks.



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  • Peggy Nille

    Peggy Nille

    Obsédée par la nature et le papier peint, Peggy Nille crée des fresques numériques sur mesure avec comme maître mot: l'invitation au voyage et au rêve.

    Découvrez son univers :

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  • Séverine Dietrich

    Séverine Dietrich

    Graduated in Graphic Design from the École des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Séverine Dietrich works at Palace Rouville,a collaborative workshop at the heart of Lyon’s artistic Pentes de la Croix-Rousse neighborhood.Since 2011, she works on communication and publishing projects and creates visual identities for the cultural, corporate and industrial sectors.In her work as independent designer and as teacher of graphic design courses, Séverine focuses on the experimental facets needed for graphic and artistic creation.


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  • Silowane


    Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is Silowane's motto. The Nantes brand has created a collection directly inspired by nature for Acte-Deco.

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  • Studio AA

    Studio AA

    Located in Nantes, Studio AA develops its know-how in the fields of graphic and space design. Specializing in each of these fields, they offer creative solutions to design and architecture projects.

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  • Studio Romiche

    Studio Romiche

    Romane is a global designer by training and has been practicing illustration since 2019, alongside her activity as an identity and usage designer. Inclusion and respect for the environment are the main values of Studio Romiche.

    Romane thrives by creating illustrations to raise awareness of everyday issues as well as by inviting people to travel. It is the diversity of possibilities and the fact that the work is never the same that interests him. "

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