Squid Coal window tape


Squid, the adhesive fabric to protect your privacy with elegance.

Squid is a self-adhesive fabric that is very easy to install. It's transparent from the inside out, but during the day it protects you from prying eyes from the outside.
Coal, a chic color inspired by coal. It blends into dark spaces and creates an elegant atmosphere.

5 ml x 1.37 m roll

2 finishes to choose from :
  • Transparent
  • Opaque
These products can be installed by our network of installers. Please contact us by email at contact@acte-deco.fr

Creative decoration that
respectful of the environment.


Green Deco, our
environmental approach


French manufacturing
with care and quality


Original and
collaborative creations

Squid is produced on 137 cm rolls. Always make sure you have an extra 5cm on each side, so that you have enough material for a perfect cut.

If your window is wider than 137cm, take a look at the videos below and see how to install two adjacent strips almost seamlessly.

Installation video for small and large surfaces

Installation video for large surfaces

If required, our installers can intervene anywhere in France for your professional projects


- a self-adhesive, repositionable, printable textile for decorating all glass surfaces
- privacy and protection from the sun's heat
- the transparency of a sheer curtain
- adapts to all glass
- fits all interior styles
- easy to install in just a few minutes

Squid blocks much of the sun's heat, making it an ideal sun protection solution. Squid withstands high solar intensity and extreme humidity. As an open, breathable textile, it is compatible with high-efficiency or HR++(+) glass, unlike plastic window film. Only the black version (Coal) cannot be used on this type of glass.

Humidity and heat resistance

For us, it's important to subject our products to thorough testing. That's why Squid was tested in the laboratory, where it was exposed to intense sunlight. Squid was also exposed to a humid environment with 99% humidity. Squid passed both tests with flying colors: the adhesive's bonding strength was unaffected.

36% less direct solar heat

With Squid on your windows, the sun's heat is filtered twice. Firstly, there's no layer of air between your solar protection and your window glass. Secondly, the fabric reflects some of the sunlight. So you can combat the heat before it gets inside. Depending on the color you choose, 25 to 36% of the sun's energy is reflected. Experience tells us that Squid can reduce the temperature you feel by at least 3°C.


You can apply Squid to roof windows such as Velux, south-facing sash windows, roofs, glass domes and so on. Unlike plastic window film, you can apply Squid to HR++(+) or high-performance glass. Neither the adhesive nor the fabric is adversely affected by harmful UV rays. You'll find more information on this subject in our



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