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Shapes in movement, natural colors and subtle graphics.

Discover the new Gamme, Félicité and Tissé collections from Bordeaux designers Marion & Jullien Sauvée / MJ Studio.

Trained in visual and applied arts, Marion and Jullien Sauvée have developed since the creation of their studio various collaborations allowing them to explore graphic design and its expression in space, in particular with architectural agencies and active sponsors in public space.

The collections designed for Acte Déco decline various pictorial expressions: colored nuances and subtle gestures to create relationships sensitive to surfaces. The spaces thus take on a very special dimension, creating living volumes within their environments.

The Gamme collection is a graphic interpretation of nuances extracted from natural elements: plants, minerals, water, allowing everyone a subtle interpretation of these palettes.

The Félicité range expresses a dancing gesture, a joie de vivre all in delicacy. She brings a positive and cozy presence to the rooms she lives in.

Woven is a light weft that brings a supple wave to the support it dresses. In black or white version on glazing, or in subtle play of colors on walls, this pictorial weaving gives a new dimension to space.

A creation for children, Rouléjenès brings a dose of humor and spontaneity to the image of the playgrounds and dreams that are their living spaces.

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